Networking and procurement

A collaborative approach for developing knowledge and disseminating results is crucial for reaching the aim of an industry transition.  The intersectoral work between representatives of different decision levels and roles is important to promote national network and achieve the results.  Public builders should lead the way for a transition to a more sustainable building sector. Public procurement with focus on reuse is a central approach to reach this.

The aim is to take a novel network approach on implementation of reuse of building materials, in combination with detecting barriers in policy and legal framework.  Detailed networking strategies between public builders and contractors will be tested for affecting norms and knowledge on reuse and eco-labelling of construction products.

The research question that will be addressed here is "How can network strategies affect users' attitudes and behaviour that lead to more sustainable consumption?"

Main tasks 

  • Networking strategies for affecting social norms and behavior on reuse 
  • Procurement and legal framework


  • Series of 4-5 meetings per year with homework in-between to test the network strategies
  • Questionnaire and group interviews before and after a year of network meetings, to evaluate the impact of the network approach and recommend strategies
  • A workshop series (3) with reference group, with representatives from interest groups, reference group, authorities and public actors. The aim is to focus on how public procurement may move the market, and if and how regulatory and legal framework for reuse supports this
  • Expert group-interviews to discuss the policy for reuse and make recommendations on how procurement and political instruments can affect sustainable building products


  • Paper-based PhD in environmental psychology with scientific papers together with the other researchers on a) networks strategies for affecting social norms on reuse of building materials, b) theoretical basis for network strategies c) the connection between network strategies, public procurements and policy for reuse of building materials
  • Norwegian report