User requirements

The aim is mapping and analysing user knowledge and behavioural and social practice by involving key stakeholders (user groups). User groups are divided into; a) users: project designers and architects, builders and contractors b) developers of documentation (consultants and developers of existing documentation) c) suppliers of construction products d) social players: politicians and citizens.

The research question that will be adressed here is "What underlying factors, attitudes, perceptions, motivations, challenges and opportunities drive different stakeholders to reuse building materials?"

Main tasks  

  • Stakholder analysis: identification and evaluation of challenges and opportunities, requirements and ambitions and screening of applicable methodologies for testing and verification of reuse
  • Define the scope: identify at least five construction products, for which assessment schemes will be developed.


  • Qualitative national survey to identify specific needs for solutions, documentation and communication of different user groups
  • Qualitative interviews - focus group interviews with project partners and their collaborators in different stakeholder groups  
  • Workshops with the advisory board and key actors


  • Framework/guideline for testing and evaluation of content of hazardous substances
  • Scientific publication on guideline for testing and evaluation of technical performance