Assessment of construction products for reuse

Construction products intended for reuse must meet high standards, and low content of hazardous substances must be ensured. Substances in products that were produced in times of less strict regulations cannot re-enter the market. Furthermore, construction products intended for reuse must meet the same technical requirements, e.g. for strength or durability, as new products: the basic requirements specified in the EU/EEC Construction Products Regulation and Norwegian building regulations must be fulfilled. In a worst-case scenario, severe damage to property and life may ensue. The existing assessment system for new products is used as a starting-point for developing a new system that assess reusability, assuring the technical quality of the product, and communicate product characteristics downstream. The system will be tailored to each product type.

The aim is to ensure that reused construction products or components are suitable technically for use in a specific construction work, such that the finished construction work meets the requirements specified in Norwegian building regulations (today TEK 17). Existing methods and standards for the assessment of new construction products are used as a starting point. The assessment schemes are then adapted, as necessary, to fit the reuse scenario.

The research question that will be adressed here is "How can existing methods be further developed to evaluate the technical performance of reuse solutions?"

Main tasks 

  • Evaluate which properties must be assessed, which hazardous substances should be included into the evaluation scheme for product selected in the project
  • Evaluate assessment procedures, preferably non-destructive or minimally invasive, and assessment frequencies,
  • Assess appropriate evaluation criteria for the intended use
  • Evaluate potential risks connected to the erroneous acceptance of a material with unacceptable properties


  • Framework/guideline for testing and evaluation of content of hazardous substances
  • Scientific publication on guideline for testing and evaluation of technical performance