• 80th EAGE Conference and Exhibition (2018)
    • Rock Physics Driven Workflow for Pressure and Saturation Control in Quantitative CO2 Monitoring. Weinzierl, W., Lüth, S., Rippe, D., Schmidt-Hattenberger, C., and Wiese, B (poster)
  • SEG18 - 88th Annual Meeting (2018)
    • Preinjection AVO conceptual modeling for the Svelvik CO2 field laboratory. Weinzierl, W., Wiese, B., Lüth, S., Rippe, D., and Schmidt-Hattenberger, C. (poster)
  • GHGT-14 (2018)
    • Norwegian large-scale CO2 storage project (Smeaheia): baseline geophysical models. Dupuy B., Torres V., Romdhane A., and Ghaderi A. (oral presentation)
    • Pressure control and conformance management for safe and efficient CO2 storage – an overview of the Pre-ACT project. Eliasson P., Cerasi, P., Romdhane, A, White J. C., Schmidt-Hattenberger, C., Carpentier, S., Grimstad, A.-A., and Lothe, A. E. (poster)
    • Effects of uncertainties in fault and seismic interpretations on CO2 storage pressure distribution and pressure control. Lothe A. E., Eliasson P., Bergmo P. E., and Emmel B. (poster)
  • 5th EAGE CO2 Geological Storage Workshop (2018)
    • Quantifying Efficiency Of Field-Wide Geophysical Surveys For Verifying CO2 Plume Conformance During Storage Operations. Barros, E., Leeuwenburgh O., Carpentier S., Wilschut F., and Neele F. (oral presentation)
    • Bayesian Inference In CO2 Storage Monitoring: A Way To Assess Uncertainties In Geophysical Inversions. Dupuy B., Romdhane A., and Eliasson, P. (poster)
    • Identifying Hidden Risk Elements For CO2 Storage From Reprocessed Seismic Data. Carpentier S., Abidin H., Steeghs P., and Veldkamp H. (oral presentation)
    • Control of pressure propagation in a heterogeneous CO2 storage reservoir using water production. Vosper H., White J., and Gent, C. (poster)
    • Pre-Operational Considerations in a Poro-Elastic Site Assessment for the Svelvik Field Lab. Weinzierl W., Wiese B., Jordan M., Schmidt-Hattenberger C., Eliasson P., Ringstad C., Lüth S., and Grimstad A.-A. (poster)
  • TCCS-10 (2019)
  • 4th EAGE Conference on Petroleum Geostatistics (2019)
  • 5th EAGE International Conference on Faults and Top Seal (2019)