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Set up the controls

There are two types of controls:

  • Dirichlet boundary conditions, where the total concentrations and pressure is given on selected external faces.
  • Injection fluxes, where sources are included at given cells. We have thus not included well models in this tutorial.

The controls locations have been hard coded here, but they can be changed. We have chosen a set of four cells on the western side for the injection and a face on the eastern side where we impose pressure.

function bc = setupControls(G, fluid, param)
   system.R         = getR();
   system.k         = getHenryCoef();
   system.Temp      = param.Temp;
   system.vp        = vaporPressure(system.Temp);
   system.fluid     = fluid;
   nComp = 3; % 3 components (He, Ne, CO2)
   system.nComp     = nComp;

   influx_p = param.influx_p;
   outflux_p = param.outflux_p;

We assume injection fluid is only composed of (ideal) gas

   influx_C = param.influx_C*influx_p/(system.R*system.Temp);

We assume the output fluid is only composed of liquid (typically same composition as initial state). This assumption should actually not be used if there is only outflow on this faces. Indeed, in this case, the boundary values of the concentrations are not used due to upwinding face evaluation.

   omega = cell2mat(omega_l(outflux_p, system));
   outflux_C = 1/(omega'*param.outflux_C)*param.outflux_C;
   outflux_C = outflux_C(1:nComp);

Given pressure on eastern face of the cell 411, which is the most eastern cell of the reservoir.

   east_cell = 411;
   east_faces = G.cells.faces(G.cells.facePos(east_cell):G.cells.facePos(east_cell + 1) - ...
                              1 , :);
   bc.dirichlet.faces =  east_faces(east_faces(:, 2) == 2 , 1);
   bc.dirichlet.pressure = outflux_p;
   bc.dirichlet.C = arrayfun(@(x)(x), outflux_C, 'uniformoutput', false);
   [cg, cl, cw, s, Cw] = flash_calculation(outflux_C', outflux_p, system); = arrayfun(@(x)(x), cg, 'uniformoutput', false); = arrayfun(@(x)(x), cl, 'uniformoutput', false); = cw;
   bc.dirichlet.s  = s;
   bc.dirichlet.Cw = Cw;

Given influx on a set of 4 cells on the western side of the reservoir.

   west_cells = [4527; 4528; 4451; 4452];
   nwc = numel(west_cells);
   bc.influx_cells = west_cells;
   influx_C = repmat(influx_C', nwc, 1);
   influx_p = repmat(influx_p, nwc, 1);
   [cg, cl, cw, s, Cw] = flash_calculation(influx_C, influx_p, system);
   bc.dirichlet.C  = cell(nComp, 1);
   for ic = 1:nComp
      bc.C_influx{ic}  = param.influx_rate*influx_C(:, ic);
   bc.water_influx = param.influx_rate*Cw;

Published October 8, 2014