Uniwersytet Jagiellonski Collegium Medicum

Jagiellonian University Medical College is a leading centre in the area of e health development and implementation in Poland. It is also involved in the process of development of general policies related to the main problem of society status, particularly in the area of public health, quality of life and socialy security. In the range of the activities conducted by Krakow Centre of Advanced Technologies, CMUJ was  responsible for the field of modern technologies applied to medical domain with special focus on the e-health. Another important initiative conducted with participation of CMUJ is Centre of Advanced Technologies being the consortium of main university partners in the region determined to bring the broad development of initiatives focused on modern technologies, also in medicine and health care. The main responsibility of the CMUJ within this consortium is navigation through priority working areas related to the use of technologies for improvement of quality of life and care of citizens.

Department of Medical Information Systems is the part of Institute of Public Health focusing in its research activities on main health-related problems occurring in modern societies. The Department will work as representing unit for participation in the project activities and as platform for cooperation with experts representing other clinical units within CMUJ and also technical partners necessary for pilot implementations.  

Relevant skills/experience/technologies: 
CMUJ combines the activities related to delivery of health care services through units of University Hospital to citizens of Krakow region as well as research activities within University curriculum. Clinical units of the CMUJ are involved in care offered to whole population, however, elderly patients remain one of the greatest recipient group due to accumulation of many medical and social problems. Furthermore, the Institute of Public Health of CMUJ undertakes activities in broader social context of appropriate moderation of general public policies focused on the improved well-being and quality of life of elderly persons and those with special needs due to cognitive and physical impairments. The Department of Medical Information Systems has been actively involved from several years in initiatives and projects related to medical informatics and e health development in Poland. The Department is in close, working links with other units of CMUJ involved in initiatives related to the improvement of the quality of health care services and technologies improving well-being of citizen.

Role in the project:  
CMUJ will participate in the analysis of the applicability and impact of advanced assistive technologies for improvement of quality of life of elderly population with special address to persons with special needs due to cognitive impairment and patients with coexisting medical conditions in Poland and other countries of the region. It will participate in the process of the definition of user requirements and setting of the framework of design, implementation and testing of one of the proof-of-concept applications. Furthermore, CMUJ will participate in the development of one of the pilot sites establishment and its evaluation. 

Interest in project results:
CMUJ is actively involved in the formation of regional policies within the area of public health and citizens’ well-being. Through the working relations with other bodies, e.g. local authorities, non-profit organizations and patients/citizens group, CMUJ would be pivotally interested in promotion of modern approaches in the domain of ageing society. Through the cooperation with Ministry of Health and linked organizations, the Institute of Public Health of CMUJ, with its Departments, is also engaged in the long-term policies related to the adequate care for elderly patients and their inclusion in the society.

Published January 12, 2007

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