TB-Solutions Advanced Technologies S.L.

TB•Solutions Group is comprised of the parent company TB•Solutions Advanced Technologies, S.L. (hereinafter TBSOL-AT) which is located in Pamplona (Navarra) and its subsidiary TB•Solutions Technologies Software, S.L., whose share capital is 100% owned by the parent company located in Zaragoza and Barcelona.  Moreover, it has branches in Madrid, Valladolid and Seville.  More recently, it has constituted TB-Solutions Security in Zaragoza, whose capital share is owned by the parent company, iNetSecure and SecurityXperts being its main business lines: auditing, consulting perimeter security services. Today, TB•Solutions Group forms a first line business group, leader in the development, integration of software products, global solutions and services in the environment of the new information technologies with more than 170 high qualified professionals.

Strategically, TB-Solutions is focussed on the finance and public administration markets, being its main research efforts in e-banking solutions, e-Government applications and services, digital signature and PKI products, and global security services, although it also offers services in other markets, such as Health, large corporations and SME’s.  Moreover, the TB-Solutions Group has strongly been committed since its start in 1987, under the business name Intercomputer, S.A., in investing resources in research, development and technological innovation not only at a national, but also at international level, by participating in National and European IST programmes, which have allowed the company to work jointly with some of the most important technological companies and organisations, leading to TB-Solutions to enter into alliances with technological partners (Oracle, Microsoft, Betrusted; IBM,…); with universities and research centres, and private and public entities (Servicio de Certificación de Registradores, Aragonesa de Servicios Telemáticos,…)

Relevent skills/experience/technologies:
TBSOL-AT coordinated the IST project (AEQUITAS, contract IST-2000-29569) whose aim was to validate and demonstrate technologies and architectures related to the trust in the context of large scale advanced scenarios in business or ordinary life.  TBSOL-AT is carrying out several projects related to the optimisation of the usage of public key infrastructures in the information exchange between large organisations and also in the Healthcare field with medical sensors (chronic patient sensors for homecare in Hospital Clínic of Barcelona, Hospital de Barbastro…).  The strong experience of the organisation in the field of file transmission and PKI prompted TBSOL-AT to enter the Healthcare market with advanced solutions (e.g. TraumActiva©) able to rationalise the management of healthcare delivery and thus allow cost savings.

Role in the project: 
TBSOL-AT will lead the work developing proof-of-concept applications and use its experience from previous national and international user-centric projects to create systems that comply with the users needs. TBSOL-AT will also have a role in relation to the dissemination of the project, with special focus on arranging workshops and creating project brochure and newsletters.

Interest in project results: 
TBSOL-AT interest in the project is enhancement of competence in the technical areas covered in the project, opening up more business opportunities on Spanish market; and the opportunity to use project results to develop products and services for elderly and chronic patients.  TBSOL-AT aware of the fact that Spain has an ever increasing elderly population, and the fact that population is geographically dispersed, as well as the fact that it already has a number of hospitals in several regions as clients, sees in the project an opportunity to offer new services and products to the addressed users in the proposal.  Furthermore, one of TBSOL-AT main markets is the public administration, at local, regional and state level, with which we work normally.


Published January 12, 2007

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