Psykiatrien i Vestfold HF

Norwegian Centre for Dementia Research was established 1997 and is funded by the government. Main objectives are focused into four areas: dementia, old-age psychiatry, disability & ageing, and elderly with learning disabilities.

Main task is R&D in order to improve care and treatment services for people with dementia and their relatives, Develop and distribute teaching material (Publishing House), Advisory role to municipalities and special health care on treatment and care of people of dementia, Arranging training courses and seminars nation-wide, Library and literature services and Project administration.

Relevant skills/experience:
PIV/NCDR was management co-ordinator in the ENABLE project (2001 – 2004) (QLK-CT-2000-00653). Besides doing a user trial in the ENABLE-project, PIV/NCDR has contributed in the ASTRID-project (1999-2000) and the TED-project (1996 – 1999). The experience from participating as an advanced user within these project makes PIV/NCDR capable of taking a leading end-user role in the M•POWER project.

Role in the project:
PIV/NCDR is responsible for developing requirements and performing pilot testing (WP7) PIV/NCDR will use its in-depth knowledge of the user group to define requirements that lead the technology R&D activities in the right direction.

Interest in project results:
PIV/NCDR’s interest in the results is to gain knowledge about how a platform can support health professionals in their daily work regarding quality and standard of work and thereby improve health services. Second, to support elderly with dementia to maintain a good life at home, and investigate how SMART HOME technology can support independent living.

Published January 12, 2007

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