Ericsson Nikola Tesla d.d.

Ericsson Nikola Tesla (ETK) is a Croatian company and the largest specialized provider of modern telecommunications products, solutions and services in Central and Eastern Europe. The company has been in business for fifty-five successful years, and today, ten years after Ericsson became its major shareholder, is an expert center in the field of information and communications technology and a significant constituent part of Ericsson in the market unit Central Europe.

Since its incorporation into Ericsson, ETK has transformed into a modern company entirely oriented to «brainware» production. From the total of 1094 employees in the company 84 percent have university degree, 9 percent hold a master’s or a doctor's degree.

Market presence/experience/skills:
role of a system integrator, which represents new business and strategic dimension for the Ericsson Corporation, with main focus on eHealth and other eGovernment professional services and solutions.

Role in the project:
ETK will use its knowledge and expertise to develop information models for M•POWER architecture, and will do so based on the HL7 set of specifications. Based on the experience from national healthcare projects, the development of high quality and interoperable information models represents the foundation of the platform integration into existing solutions, including both syntax and semantic levels. One of the main drivers for such an approach is to make this information content available for personalized patient diaries and records; i.e. integration of information collected and managed by M•POWER platform with health providers information systems.

Interest in the project results:
Our main interest lies in further extending our knowledge and expertise on patient medical data management for specialized group of end-users (chronic and elderly patients). Here we are especially interested in including the notion of mobility in the architecture framework. On the higher level, we are extremely interested in the business potential and uptake of the developed platform. Therefore we plan to put energy and effort in defining and developing the business requirements, related models and promotion of the project results.

Published January 12, 2007

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