Effectiveness testing
The main objective of the P4-project on dispersants is to establish criteria for how, where and when to use dispersant in ice covered areas. The P4 project include studying the effectiveness of dispersants and in defining the “window of opportunity” for operational use of dispersants on different oil qualities under various arctic and ice conditions. Experimental studies are performed both in bench-scale and meso-scale basins.

Dispersant effectiveness using the IFP test and a weathered Troll B crude (150°C+) at low temperature (0°C)

The effectiveness shows large variations between the dispersants dependant on seawater salinity. Salinity variation in Arctic surface water is, however, not considered as a major limitation for use of dispersants in Arctic regions, as it is considered as a “temporary” phenomenon under very static condition. Corexit 9500 was selected as the main test dispersant for the further meso-scale dispersibility testing in the JIP. 

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Published November 13, 2006

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