Application technology
Both Helicopter and vessel application of dispersants are considered to have a significant potential in ice-covered waters. Through an evaluation of the different dispersant spray systems and platforms it has been recommended to focus the further work within this task on vessel as application.

Simplified drawing of a prototype for dispersant applicatuion developed in cooperation with the ARCTECH programThe


In cooperation with the ARTEC program (“Next generation oil spill technology for Arctic and ice covered waters”)  funded by the oils companies and the Norwegian Research Council, a prototype of a new boat  spraying system for optimising application of dispersant under Arctic conditions are under construction.  The system will allow more flexible application between ice floes, be easily transportable, protected from icing (containerized), based on manoeuvrable hydraulic spraying arms and can be operated from a wide range of vessels. The first version of prototype is planned to be tested in the 2009 field trials in MIZ Barents Sea.

This development, construction work and testing (ice basin/field) are done in close cooperation with Jason Engineering ( in Drammen, Norway.


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Published November 13, 2006

Test spraying at low temperatures (-15°C) is important to ensure acceptable nozzle flowrates and droplet size distributions (200-800 µm)

In-situ dispersant testing with different ice conditions: Application (Corexit 9500) in the flume after 4 days of weathering in the SINTEF ice basin in Trondheim.



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