Conference symposia are aimed at highlighting the best research or practice in a particular field of study. A symposium will last 90 minutes and include three to four speakers and perhaps a discussant who draws out key themes and ideas from the presentations. Symposia can address theory, methods and social research as well as risk reduction strategies, implementation and evaluation, policy analysis, and mathematical modelling and evaluation. Symposia may focus on a single research project or bring together people independently researching the same topic. There is a particular emphasis on international and multidisciplinary perspectives. 

Font Size and Type:

Authors must prepare their 1-page abstract in MS WORD using Arial font 9.5 points, with references in Arial 8.5 points. 

Maximum Number of Characters/ Word Count:

The abstract must not exceed 3,200 characters (500 words)

Structure of Abstract:

CONVENER'S NAME (Initials and family name. E.g. M.T. Gray).

TITLE OF SYMPOSIUM (Not to exceed 15 words)

NAME OF EACH PRESENTER (First initial and family name)

COUNTRY OF EACH PRESENTER (In bracket after name) 

ISSUE (Statement of the issues to be addressed)

CONTENT (Summary of the presentations to be given)

STRUCTURE (Statement outlining the organization of the session)

CONCLUSIONS/ANTICIPATED OUTCOMES (Statement of the conclusions, expected outcome or 'product' of the session.)

KEYWORDS (Up to five key words may be included).

ADDRESS (Main affiliation and country of convener E.g. School of Environment and Society, Swansea University, UK)


Sample Abstract Format 2 (PDF)

For abstract template click here