We have got six excellent keynote speakers:


  • Professor Jan Helgerud, NTNU. He has chosen the following title for his speech: «The fountain of youth goes digital. Exercise capacity, health and longevity - digitally assisted.”
  • Roald Kvam, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) in Motitech AS. He will take us on a joyful journey from the City of Bergen at the west coast of Norway to the Nordics, Canada, UK and back, as he describes how "Motiview - turns older people and people with dementia into dedicated athletes". What motivated more than 4000 residents in care homes, in 7 countries, to pedal the globe twice and a half in 4 weeks? Is it possible to battle inactivity by pure life quality?
  • Professor Yeh-Liang Hsu. He is in the position as Editor-in-chief of the journal Gerontechnology. He will describe trends and development within the field of gerontechnology as he has observed it through the years, in addition to his personal experience within the field. His keynote has the title "A design approach to gerontechnology - From research to daily applications".