Font Size and Type:

Authors must prepare their 1-page abstract in MS WORD using Arial font 9.5 points, with references in Arial 8.5 points. 

Maximum Number of Characters/ Word Count:

The abstract must not exceed 3,200 characters (500 words)

Structure of Abstract:

TITTLE OF ABSTRACT (Not to exceed 15 words)

AUTHORS' NAMES (Initials and family name of each author. E.g. G.  Brown, J. Green, P. Black).

PURPOSE (Statement of the purpose/hypotheses of the presentation). 

METHOD (Summary of the methodology/approach).

RESULTS AND DISCUSSION (Summary of findings and conclusions. Please make them explicit. Vague statements such as "findings will be presented and discussed" should be avoided.)

REFERENCES should follow the APA format.

KEYWORDS (Up to five may be included)

MAIN AFFILIATION AND COUNTRY OF FIRST AUTHOR (E.g. LILY Research Centre, Nanyong Technical University, Singapore). 


In the bottom right corner of the abstract a table or picture may be placed. Please include title of table/figure. Place caption directly above in the case of a table and directly below in the case of a figure (i.e. graph or other illustration). Use Arial 8.5 Italic. Photos should have a resolution of 300+ dpi. 

Sample Abstract Format 1 ( PDF)

For abstract template click here