The project's main objective is to obtain new knowledge and a technological basis for future biomass measurement systems with a potential to approach the desired accuracy, reliability and operational requirements in large cage aquaculture systems.

The industry’s vision is ±1% accuracy on salmon average weight, and ±0.1% on the number of fish in the different size classes ready for slaughter (2-3, 3-4kg etc). The project aims to develop knowledge and demonstrate solutions which can help to make the quantum leap in biomass control from the current status of 5- 10% typical error towards the industry’s vision.
It is clear that the industry's desired accuracy will not be reached solely within this project.
The aim of the project is rather to explore the scientific baseline necessary to obtain a leap in control towards the vision. This will be done through a thorough examination and exploration of new solutions in instrumentation, computer modelling, fish behaviour and operation of technology.
The consortium is convinced that a wide, multidisciplinary, scientific approach is needed to provide the basis necessary for a significant progress in biomass control for large cages

Sub-goals leading to accomplishment of the main objectives:
1. Develop and evaluate basic technologies for biomass measurement and monitoring. Assess and demonstrate the feasibility and capability of new equipment systems for biomass measurement based on the evaluated technologies.
2. Develop a theoretical basis for continuous model-based estimation on the total number and weight distribution of salmon in a cage with emphasis on establishing and validating a mathematical model representation of biomass growth.
3. Explore the dynamics of salmon behaviour and welfare in cages to provide a theoretical
foundation for more representative sampling for existing and new biomass technology.
4. Develop new knowledge on the implementation and operation of measurement instruments to maximize accuracy and repeatability in commercial aquaculture production.

Publisert 27. april 2010

Exactus er et KMB-prosjekt (Kompetanseprosjekt med brukermedvirkning) som er støttet av
Havbruksprogrammet i Norges Forskningsråd 2010 - 2012 (Prosjektnr. 199788) og av industripartnerne.