The poster session on Wednesday was an active event with some finger food and light refreshments.



Philipp Glaser, Kosmas Petridis, and Vincent Heuveline, Uncertainty Quantification from an industrial point of view

Chen Song, Michael Schick, and Vincent Heuveline, Uncertainty Quantfication for Medical Engineering

Jonas Kratzke and Vincent Heuveline, Enhancing 4D phase-contrast MRI in an aortic phantom considering numerical simulation

Philipp Gerstner, Vincent Heuveline, and Michael Schick, Optimal Economic Power Flow

Michael Bromberger, Vincent Heuveline, Wolfgang Karl, and Michael Schick, Hardware-aware computing for scientific applications

Julia M. Kroos, Sebastiano Stramaglia, Jesus M. Cortes and Luca Gerardo-Giorda, Numerical Simulation of Cortical Spreading Depression on a Real Brain Geometry

Rakesh Sarma, Reconstruction of extreme events in aeroelastic structures

Qi Sun, Ju Ming, and Qiang Du, CVOD-based Reduced-order Modeling for Stochastic PDEs

Trygve Karper, Johanna Ridder and and Franziska Weber, An Angular Momentum Method for the Wave Map to the Sphere

Published January 26, 2015