Scientific Meeting
The first scientific meeting within the eVITA program is organized January 29-30, 2007 at Dr. Holms Hotel, Geilo. The primary target for the meeting is connected to eVITA and prospective applicants to the program. However, the meeting is also open for participants from universities, research institutions, government and industry, who are interested in getting to know new results, theories and methods from the the eVITA program and eScience in general.


Sunday January 28

13:00 Arrival and check-in   
20:00 Dinner


Monday January 29

09:00 Morten Dæhlen / Gudmund Høst:  Presentation of eVITA

Peter Deuflhard:  Mathematical modelling and simulation in facial surgery

10:10 Fredrik ManneParallel algorithms for combinatorial scientific computing
10:35 Break  (lunch 12:30-14:00)

Kenneth Ruud:   A new future for finite-element methods in quantum chemistry?

15:45 Kjetil NørvågDatabase support for computational science applications

Guttorm AlendalCoral distribution and conditions for growth in Norwegian waters

16:35 Coffee break

Arnoldo Frigessi:   Monte Carlo simulation in statistics with a view to recent ideas

17:45 Fred GodtliebsenThe power of scale-space methods and Gaussian Markov random fields applied in climatology and medicine
18:10 Marielle ChristiansenDiscrete optimization methods in maritime and road-based transportation
18:35 Break
19:30 Dinner


Tuesday January 30


Risto Nieminen:  Perspectives in computational materials science

09:45 Knut MørkenMathematical and computational methods for co-registering multi-modal medical images
10:10 Hans Munthe-KaasStructure preserving algorithms for differential equations - applications, computing, education
10:35 Cofee break
11:00 Jacko Koster:  The Norwegian Infrastructure for Computational Science: status and developments
11:45 Espen Robstad Jakobsen: Integro-PDEs: Numerical methods, analysis, and applications to finance
12:10 Break, lunch
13:00 eVITA board meeting
13:39 Train to Oslo
14:40 Train to Bergen
18:00 eVITA board meeting ends
18:57 Train to  Oslo
19:42 Train to Bergen


Published September 7, 2006