Task descriptions

An important part of the ERMS program has been to supply literature data on toxicity and other potential stressors from drilling discharges, as input data to the model development. Data from the annual sediment monitoring program taking place at the Norwegian Continental Shelf for the last 15 years, as collected in the MOD database, has been used primarily to validate the model.However, in cases where few literature data are available the MOD database has also been used as a source for input data.

It has been the objective of the ERMS program to use mainly available data and not to create new data through e.g. laboratory experiments. Through the program, research needs have been identified that include further studies outside the original scope of the ERMS program, that might also include some laboratory testing. Some defined research needs are briefly described in the attachments and could be a potential basis for funding applications to the ongoing PROOF program, coordinated by the Norwegian Research Council (NRC).

Task 1: Toxicity, Task 2: Non-toxic thresholds, Task 7: Model development

Published May 16, 2007