The ERMS Joint Industry Program (JIP) was initiated to develop an environmental risk-based decision support tool, to assist the oil industry in establishing cost-effective mitigation measures for reducing potential harmful discharges to the marine environment from drilling discharges. The concept was based on the PEC/PNEC ratio approach as a basis for calculation of Environmental Impact Factors (EIFs), as was successfully developed for produced water discharges through the DREAM (Dose-related Risk and Effect Assessment Model) program.
Program management:
Program coordinator:Ivar Singsaas
Steering Committee:Eimund Garpestad
Melania Buffagni
Ingvild Skare
Odd-Arne Follum
Leticia Falcao Veiga
Knut Bakke
Ståle Johnsen
Ulf-Einar Moltu

Published October 1, 2007