Initiated in 2002 and formally finalized in 2007

Total budget of 28.5 mill NOK (approximately 3.6 mill Euro).

Workshops (WS)
Totally 7 workshops: 5 in Norway, 1 in Holland and 1 in Italy.

Steering Committee Meetings (SCM)
Totally 14 SCMs: 7 in Norway, 1 in Holland, 1 in Italy and 5 phone meetings.

Main deliverables

  • License to the final DREAM model for simulation of produced water and drilling discharges
  • 28 scientific reports
  • 8 papers in refereed journals
  • Oral presentations and posters
  • 2 Newsletters distributed
  • A brochure on Environmental Impact Factor for Drilling Discharges
  • A CD including key information from the program, copy of reports and key presentations of the program and main findings


Published October 1, 2007