Internationally agreed principles for risk assessment were applied for the development of the EIFDD. Through the hazard identification the following stressors were identified and included in the model development:

  • Water column:
    - Toxicity of chemicals
    - Physical effects of suspended matter
  • Sediments:
    - Toxicity of chemicals (organic chemicals and heavy metals).
    - Burial of organisms.
    - Change in sediment structure - grain size.
    - Oxygen depletion.

The DREAM model was developed further to carry out exposure modelling. Through a literature study, information for the effect assessment of the identified stressors was collected. Environmental risk is calculated in the risk assessment based on estimation of the PEC/PNEC ratios.

Comparison/validation towards field specific values has been performed using data from field data collection as part of the ERMS program and the Norwegian Oil Association's MOD database.


Published October 1, 2007