ERMS (Environmental Risk Management System) is a 3-year research program initiated by the oil industry. The overall objective of this program is:

  • to develop an environmental risk-based decision supporting tool, in order for the oil industry to establish cost-effective mitigation measures for reducing potential harmful discharges to the marine environment

In order to achieve these objectives, it is necessary to:

  • establish international, scientific acceptance and recognition of the existing risk-based system and it's further development
  • be able to, document, in a convincing, transparent and objective manner, the strength, and eventual development potentials of the system
  • proactively and strategically communicate the usefulness, results and developments of the system to important stakeholders

ERMS Seminar

You are hereby invited to participate at a one-day seminar in Oslo, 27. September 2007.

Location: Ingeniørenes Hus, Oslo

Project co-ordinator:
Ivar Singsaas
Sintef Materials and Chemistry
Phone: +47 98243467