- modelling of hydrodynamic conditions and assimilation of real-time measurements

SINMODReliable and accurate hydrodynamic data is one of the most important input to models simulating material transport in the water column.

The best possible solution to achieve this is a combination of measured data from sensors with hydrodynamic models that can assimilate these data, i.e. use the deviations between model states and measurements to correct the model.

SINMOD is a nested 3D model system that couples physical and biological processes in the ocean. It has been under continuous development and use for over 25 years. A large scale model with 20 km grid resolution that covers parts of the North Atlantic, the Nordic Seas and Arctic makes boundary conditions to a smaller domain with 4 km resolution. This model will then produce boundary conditions to a domain with 800 m resolution, which again produce boundary conditions to a domain with 160 m resolution. We have established high resolution models (160 m) along the Norwegian coast from Stad to Troms incl. Nordland. For the real-time application we nest down to 32 m.

By operationalizing SINMOD, SINTEF's hydrodynamic model system, this work package will provide real-time, now cast and forecast data for the discharge modelling with DREAM in a GIS compatible format.

Published June 20, 2013



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