ELMO - Real-time environmental monitoring and modelling of drilling discharges in sensitive areas

In 2012 SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquacultures, develogic and Statoil developed a software solution prototype for real-time modelling of drilling discharges, including real-time measuring of currents, hydrodynamic and discharge modelling.

ELMO is the follow-up project, funded by the Norwegian Research Council (Demo2000) and Statoil, which will take the results and knowledge from the pilot stage to a next generation model application for simulating distribution of drilling discharges and their effects in real-time. The application will be used for monitoring such operations in areas with sensitive habitats e.g  with presence of cold water corals.

The application is planned to be tested in a field trial.



Contacts (SINTEF)

SINTEF Materials and Chemistry:
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SINTEF Fisheries and Aquacultures:
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Contacts (Partners)

Thomas Møskeland

Tone Karin Frost

Norwegian Research Council:
Anders J. Steensen