The application of the final product developed in this project is the monitoring of drilling operations in real‑time and assessing the risk for exposed sensitive habitats in the area to minimize negative consequences on environmental pelagic and benthic resources by providing data for decision making.

Several projects have developed methods to assess the effect of particle stress on e.g. corals. DNV GL has developed a coral risk assessment (CRA) method in 2012 which will be used as a pilot implementation to facilitate real-time risk assessment with the help of the input from real-time discharge modelling results. CRA will be prepared for use with other species than  corals as well (XRA).

The sedimentation plume calculated by DREAM is the basis for calculation the sedimentation experienced by each coral structure. This rate combined with the coral condition is the main basis for assessing consequences and finally risk of drilling discharges to corals.

Published June 20, 2013



Thomas Møskeland