– real-time measurement of currents at operation site

An operational and reliable sensor platform requires technical stability over a long period of time under adverse environmental conditions.

This project will improve operability, security, data transfer and maintainability of the sensor platform and data transfer buoy.

  • Security against external forces.
  • Pre-operational risk calculation and evaluation.
  • Automated data quality assurance in real-time.

While there are a variety of sensors currently available, software solutions that utilize the measurements efficiently in real-time are scarce.

The sensor platform consists of an ADCP and a Seaguard current meter, both sending their data to the buoy through the water column. The communication buoy used for the real time measurements (also known as Buoy George) is a large and heavy spar buoy, 9.5 m long from bottom to the top of the antenna and some 1 700 kg excl. battery package.  

The buoy is manufactured by Behrens and distributed through develogic, both companies domiciled in Hamburg, Germany. It will send the data packages via satellite.



Published June 20, 2013



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