The CRIOP methodology step by step - select scenario

The basis for the Scenario Analysis is accident or incident scenarios that the control room must be able to handle. The analysis aims at evaluating how well the control room personnel are able to handle the scenarios with the available/planned control room equipment, organization, layout, etc. As an introduction to the method for building scenarios, prototypical examples of scenarios are presented below that have occurred in the North Sea. These are only scenario examples and should not be used directly in the analysis. To make the prototypical scenarios relevant for the installation in question, these have to be adapted. This is done through a process of extending the prototypical STEP diagrams by incorporating installation specific information and behaviours (actors and events). The prototypical STEP diagram is set-up so that it is visible for the analysis group and input is then given to the CRIOP leader so that she or he can adapt the diagram to the actual installation. When no more installation specific information or behaviour can be identified, the STEP diagram is completed according to the description and the analysis can begin.

Examples on scenarios are:

  • Gas Leak
  • Utility Systems / Subsea Start-up
  • Emergency Shutdown

Scenario Example - Gas Leak (Pdf - 27 Kb)

Criteria for selecting scenario (Pdf - 22 Kb)

Published August 25, 2011



Contact person: Stig Ole Johnsen