PhD students with financial support from the Centre budget

Øyvind Johan Korsøen Norwegian 2007-2010 Biological criteria for succesful submergence of physoclistous Atlantic cod and physostomous Atlantic salmon reared in sea-cages
Martin Føre Norwegian 2007-2010 Moddelling and simulation of fish behaviour in aquaculture production facilities
Enni Lisda Lubis Indonesian 2008-2012 Reliability-based design of aquacultural plants
Mette Remen Norwegian 2008-2011 Effects of flactuating oxygen levels on welfare and growth of salman (Salmo Salar) in net cages
Nina Blöcher German 2009-2012 Biofouling on marine cage systems
Maike Oehme German 2010-2013 Quality - optimal conveying and biological response
Bardestani Mohsen Iran 2009-2013 Wave and current loads on fish farms
Peng Li Chinese 2010-2013 Hydroelastic behaviour of the floater of an aquaculture cage in waves and current
Kristoffer Rist Skøien Norwegian 2012-2016 Modelling and detection of feed distribution in sea cages

PhD students working on projects in the Centre with financial support from other sources

Lars Gansel NTNU German 2007-2010 Flow through and around fish cages
Rune Melberg University of Stavanger (UiS) Norwegian 2009-2010 Fish farming modeling, simulation and control
Mohamed Shainee NTNU Maldives 2010-2013 Design considerations for offshore fish farms
Zhao He NTNU Chinese 2010-2013 Current effects on an aquacalture plant
Samantha Bui University of Melbourne Australian 2011-2014 Fish behaviour and welfare




Published June 22, 2009