Our paper on Cognitive Twins (CT) in the process industry will be presented at https://www.iaria.org/conferences2020/COGNITIVE20.html! The International Conference on Advanced Cognitive Technologies and Applications will take place from 25th-29th October in Nice.

We proposed a CT architecture for building CTs. We reviewed the relevant definitions in the literature and provided our architectural perspective on the type of cognitive services needed for CTs in the context of process industry. Additionally, we identified the challenges for realizing the proposed cognitive services, and discussed their role in the context of a concrete use case in the process industry.

This year ‘s ICE conference about https://www.ice-conference2020.org/ was hosted virtually from 15-17 June, 2020. We have presented the results of our paper “COGNITWIN – Hybrid and Cognitive Digital Twins for the Process Industry” by Sailesh Abburu (SINTEF Industri, SINTEF AS), Arne Jørgen Berre (SINTEF Digital, SINTEF Energi AS), Michael Jacoby (Fraunhofer IOSB), Dumitru Roman (SINTEF Digital, SINTEF AS), Ljiljana Stojanovic (Fraunhofer IOSB) and Nenad Stojanovic (Nissatech Innovation Centre).

We have talked about the architecture for the implementation of Hybrid and Cognitive Twins as part of the COGNITWIN software toolbox. The toolbox is designed to cover cognitive capabilities that will offer solutions for optimal operations and maintenance of process equipment and assets, thereby help minimize production overheads and increase efficiencies for the industries. Furthermore, we identify a set of relevant use cases in the process industry and discuss the possible use of the toolbox.

Arne Jørgen Berre (Scientific Coordinator, COGNITWIN) has made the presentation.