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Publications for COGNITWIN Project (GA Number 870130)

Type Title Authors Title of the Journal/Proc./Book DOI  Link Year
Publication in Conference proceedings/Workshop A Hybrid Digital Twin for Optimal Si-Production Kasper Linnestad, Kjetil Hildal, Lars K. Jakobsson, Sølve Eidnes, Vemund Tjessem, Erlend L. Bjørnstad, Stein Wasbø Proceedings of the Silicon for the Chemical & Solar Industry XVI 10.2139/ssrn.4121131 Link 2022
Chapter in a Book Data-Driven Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics for the Maintenance of Industrial Machinery with Hybrid and Cognitive Digital Twins Perin Unal, Özlem Albayrak, Moez Jomâa, Arne J. Berre Technologies and Applications for Big Data Value 10.1007/978-3-030-78307-5 2022
Publication in Conference proceedings/Workshop On-line estimation of circulating fluidized bed boiler fuel composition Enso Ikonen; Markus Neuvonen; Istvan Selek; Mikko Salo; Mika Liukkonen 2022 UKACC 13th International Conference on Control (CONTROL) 10.1109/control55989.2022.9781460 2022
Publication in Conference proceedings/Workshop Asset Administration Shell Generation and Usage for Digital Twins: A Case Study for Non-destructive Testing. Fatih Yallıç, Özlem Albayrak, Perin Ünal 3rd International Conference on Innovative Intelligent Industrial Production and Logistics 10.5220/0011561400003329 Link 2022
Article in Journal Impact on Inference Model Performance for ML Tasks Using Real-Life Training Data and Synthetic Training Data from GANs Ulrike Faltings; Tobias Bettinger; Swen Barth; Michael Schäfer Information 10.3390/info13010009 2022
Publication in Conference proceedings/Workshop A Comparison of State-of-Art Machine Learning Algorithms on Fault Indication and Remaining Useful Life Determination by Telemetry Data Aras Ünal, Ali Kaleli, Emre Ummak, Özlem Albayrak The 8th International Conference on Future Internet of Things and Cloud 10.1109/ficloud49777.2021.00019 2021
Article in Journal Estimating Fuel Characteristics from Simulated Circulating Fluidized Bed Furnace Data Markus Neuvonen, Istvan Selek, Enso Ikonen 2021 9th International Conference on Systems and Control (ICSC) 10.1109/icsc50472.2021.9666596 2021
Article in Journal Methodology and Tools for Digital Twin Management—The FA3ST Approach Ljiljana Stojanovic, Thomas Usländer, Friedrich Volz, Christian Weißenbacher, Jens Müller, Michael Jacoby, Tino Bischoff IoT 10.3390/iot2040036 2021
Article in Journal A Workflow for Synthetic Data Generation and Predictive Maintenance for Vibration Data Sahan Yoruç Selçuk,Perin Ünal, Özlem Albayrak, Moez Jomâa Information 10.3390/info12100386 2021
Publication in Conference proceedings/Workshop Digitalization of a Steel Pipe Production Factory: STEEL4.0- A Family of Products Developed on Routes from Industry 3.0 to Industry 4.0 Özlem Al bayrak, Perin Ünal The Proceedings of Fourth International Iron and Steel Symposium (UDCS’21) April 1-3, 2021, Karabuk University, Karabuk, Turkey. 2021 Not available 2021
Article in Journal Fusing Physical Process Models with Measurement Data Using FIR Calibration Enso Ikonen, Istvan Selek Journal of Control Engineering and Applied Informatics Not available 2021
Article in Journal An Approach for Realizing Hybrid Digital Twins Using Asset Administration Shells and Apache StreamPipes Michael Jacoby, Branislav Jovicic, Ljiljana Stojanovic, Nenad Stojanović Information 10.3390/info12060217 2021
Article in Journal Neuroscope: An Explainable AI Toolbox for Semantic Segmentation and Image Classification of Convolutional Neural Nets Christian Schorr; Payman Goodarzi; Fei Chen; Tim Dahmen Applied Sciences 10.3390/app11052199 2021
Chapter in a Book Smart Steel Pipe Production Plant via Cognitive Digital Twins: A Case Study on Digitalization of Spiral Welded Pipe Machinery Özlem Albayrak, Perin Ünal Impact and Opportunities of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in the Steel Industry - Ongoing Applications, Perspectives and Future Trends 10.1007/978-3-030-69367-1_11 Not available 2021
Chapter in a Book Smart Services in the Physical World: Digital Twins Ljiljana Stojanovic, Sebastian R. Bader Smart Service Management - Design Guidelines and Best Practices 10.1007/978-3-030-58182-4_12 Not available 2020
Article in Journal Digital Twin and Internet of Things—Current Standards Landscape Michael Jacoby, Thomas Usländer Applied Sciences 10.3390/app10186519 2020
Publication in Conference proceedings/Workshop COGNITWIN – Hybrid and Cognitive Digital Twins for the Process Industry Sailesh Abburu, Arne J. Berre, Michael Jacoby, Dumitru Roman, Ljiljana Stojanovic, Nenad Stojanovic 2020 IEEE International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE/ITMC) 10.1109/ice/itmc49519.2020.9198403 2020
Publication in Conference proceedings/Workshop Cognitive Digital Twins for the Process Industry Abburu, Sailesh; Berre, Arne J.; Jacoby, Michael; Roman, Dumitru; Stojanovic, Ljiljana; Stojanovic, Nenad International Conference on Advanced Cognitive Technologies and Applications Not available 2020
Publication in Conference proceedings/Workshop Calibration of Physical Models with Process Data using FIR Filtering Enso Ikonen, Istvan Selek 2020 Australian and New Zealand Control Conference (ANZCC) 10.1109/anzcc50923.2020.9318340 2020