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Svein Peder Berge

Senior forretningsutvikler

Svein Peder Berge

Senior forretningsutvikler

Svein Peder Berge
Telefon: +47 901 82 036
Mobil: +47 901 82 036
Avdeling: Maritim
Kontorsted: Trondheim

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Condition monitoring for early failure detection. Frognerparken pumping station as case study


A case study has been carried out to investigate how process data from Frognerparken Pumping Station can be used more efficiently to get an early detection of degradation or failures of the pump systems. The technical condition is described by use of a single number from 0 to 100, denoted as the Tec...

Forfattere Berge Svein Peder Lund Berit Floor Ugarelli Rita Maria
År 2014
Type Tidsskriftspublikasjon

SMS from OSLO VAV - Secure and Monitored Service from Oslo VAV: First periodic progress report Project objectives, work progress and achievements, project management


This report summarises the goals, results achieved and deviations from the plan of the SMS from OSLO VAV project after 8 months of activity. The report is meant as a summary for the Regionale forskningsfond's board committee. Technical details will not be included in this report, but will be provide...

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