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SmartTracker Android client
Tellu has developed an Android composition tool, the SmartTracker Android client, for the creation of services in their service platform SmartTracker.

SmartTracker is an asset management and sensor integration platform, where service behaviour is based on sensor data linked to tracked objects.

The SmartTracker Android client is a prototype App based on the UbiCompForAll end-user notation and meta-model, and on the SmartTracker service composition architecture. The composition interface is generated dynamically from the definitions of the building blocks available to the user for composition. The SmartTracker Android client stores compositions to the SmartTracker server, and polls for domain objects needed for composition to keep local data in sync with the server.

Compositions created by the user include triggers, conditions and actions selected from the list of available building blocks. Each type of building block has properties to configure, and some of these are selected from the available domain objects, such as triggering on specific tracked objects entering specific zones. 

The availability of a SmartTracker composition tool on mobiles devices suits well Tellu's product strategy. Tellu plans to further develop theSmartTracker Android client with refinement of the user interface towards increased usability and enhanced synchronization support between client and server. Some functionality is currently only available on the server, such asset creation and zone creation. It will also be made available to Android devices.

SmartTracker screenshot

SmartTracker screenshotSmartTracker screenshot
















Published September 25, 2012

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