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EasyComposer is a service composition tool allowing end users to create and tailor their teleservices from simple service components. EasyComposer includes calendar and map functionality to enable service composition based on time and location events.

Application domain

EasyComposer exploits the generic framework developed in UbiCompForAll to provide composition support adapted to the particular needs of the telecom application domain. EasyComposer was developed by Gintel who have a long experience with delivering service platforms to telecom service providers. While Gintel currently provides service composition support to professionals, EasyComposer is a first step for the extension of their platform with composition support adapted to the needs of non-IT professional end-users.

Technical approach

EasyComposer is web-based tool that is designed for use on desktop computers. Using the tool, a service composition is created using simple components and saved as a profile. The user can then choose to apply the profile in different situations by associating it to a location on the Map or/and at a specific time in the Calendar. For instance, the user may create a profile for filtering incoming calls, rejecting low priority callers and sending an SMS to high priority callers. Then he/she can associate this profile to particular calendar events, such as meetings, or particular locations, such as meeting rooms.

The profiles created by the users and their associations to location and time are stored in an XML format and uploaded to an online server. The uploaded XML can then be downloaded to the user's phone. Currently, we support the Android platform and provide the EasyDroid platform (Android App) that makes use of the profiles in order to control the behaviour of the teleservices as specified by the user.

Evaluation and future work

EasyComposer and the associated Android platform EasyDroid were taken in use in everyday life by ten non-IT professionals with positive feedback. However all evaluators agreed that a tighter integration of the tool and platform is preferable. This next step in our work is to provide such integration.


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Published December 15, 2011

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