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End-User Service Composition in Mobile Pervasive Environments
Intelligent objects and devices are becoming part of the environment where people live. The more mobile and pervasive computing becomes, the greater opportunity users potentially have to customize the computing activities that take place around them. For some people the availability of devices and services offers possibilities for tailoring things to exactly what they want. For others, however, this represents a problem: how to manage the complexity? It is neither practical nor economical to use professional software developers for individual tailoring. Thus, we have to provide users with easily operable tools for service composition. The goal of this paper is to highlight the main challenges for a meaningful end-user tool support.

Floch Jacqueline, Herrmann Peter, Khan Mohammad Ullah, Sanders Richard, Stav Erlend, Sætre Rune (2011). End-User Service Composition in Mobile Pervasive Environments. EUD4Services 2011 workshop, Torre Canne, Italy, jun 07 - jun 07

Link to the full paper (PDF).

More information about the 2nd International workshop on EUD4Services.

Published June 7, 2011

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