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The CombiSense is a combination of an Electron Impact (EI-MS) and an Ion-Molecule Reaction (IMR-MS) mass spectrometer in one analyzer unit and can be utilized for a broad range of applications.

The CombiSense is a process mass spectrometer that combines soft ionization and conventional electron impact ionization. Whereas electron impact results in strong fragmentation of molecules, the soft ionization gives low fragmentation. This can be utilized for analysis of inorganic/permanent gases and to avoid confounding of mass spectra, e.g. contributions from CO, CO2 and N2 on mass/charge line 28. IMR-MS is also a very sensitive method with application to analytes e.g. H2S in the low ppb range. Direct mass spectrometry benefits from low volume requirements and excellent dynamics. Calibrations are typically linear over several decades with

Field of use

Mass spectrometry has a very broad range of applications for analytes in the range from ppb to %. Examples are monitoring of gas evolution in laboratory scale experiments, process gas characteriation, emission monitoring including pre-CCU applications. Additionally, mass spectrometry is often used as a method in hydrogen fuel quality control, both for laboratory scale analysis but also online monitoring of hydrogen production and distribution.