Project overview
  • Sub Project 1

Maritime Revenue Management; i.e. user demands for decision support systems and optimisation  tools. Decision support in planning for maximizing revenue
  • Sub Project 2

Tools for supply chain management and business integration; i.e. development of algorithms and tools accomdated for liner shipping and inventory routing. 
  • Sub Project 3

IT-infrastructure and strategy; the main focus is to construct and integrate the decision support systems in such a way that they become an integrated part of the shipowner's IT-system.
  • Sub Project 4

Man, Technology & Organisation; A successful integration of a new IT system is very demaning from the human relations perspective. Thus, close interactino between man- technology- and organisation must be facilitated.  


Key project tasks include:

  • Conduct a gap analysis contrasting the “As-Is” situation in shipping and state-of-the-art in transportation and ICT industries.
  • Identify revenue management concepts applicable for shipping. Definition of needs and requirements for DSS tools for supply chain management in shipping.
  • Mapping of requirements for ICT-infrastructure, development of a unified framework for ICT infrastructure, ICT strategy and how to integrate system with data acquisition, -exchange and DSS modules.
  • Develop, implement and test the identified decision support tools for supply chain management applicable for shipping.
  • Personnel, technology and organisation aspects should be evaluated to ensure successful implementation of the new technology. Develop a framework for organisation of work processes and how to account for human factors in Maritime Revenue Management.

Published October 26, 2007



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