SP4- Man, technology, organisation – Human relations

Main Objectives and Tasks

Ship owners are often recognized by hierarchical structures with clear lines for communication. Thus, the main challenges are to achieve the following:

  • Improve the decision processes for an increase in yield
  • Increase both speed and quality in the decision process, while ensuring decisions are made on relevant information
  • Organisational learning, making sure experience and knowledge are employed in an effective and useful manner

Further, for a successful integration of new analytical IT-infrastructure, integration systems, and decision support systems, it is necessary with a complete understanding of working processes, communication, and hierarchy. Only then one is able to facilitate individual adaptiveness to new routines and organisational structures through the change processes.

Finally, it is crucial that relevant and improved steering information are used for the right decisions, securing generation that new insight and knowledge are spread throughout the organisation

R&D Tasks

  • Identify knowledge and experiences from change processes at ship owners; define main challenges and success factors for integration of new systems for decision support
  • Relations between organisational structures, system support, and how to manage and control steering information
  • How to maintain and uphold quality of data
  • Definition of organizational challenges and solutions for the ship owners using analytical IT, enabling competitive advantage and value adding through increased insight and new knowledge

Published November 1, 2007



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