Contributions aimed at improving sustainability in the catch and on-board processing of fish and other marine products will be given priority. The main topics of the conference are:

Macro Effects of Technology
• Needs for technology changes and fleet restructuring
• Models and methods for analyses of aggregate effects
• Capacity development within various management regimes
• Environmental analyses

Platforms for Fisheries Research
• Multifunctional research vessels
• Fishing vessels as research platforms

Safe and Effective Fishing Vessels
• Innovations in fishing vessel design
• Energy efficiency and environmental impact
• Monitoring and control of gear and vessel performance
• On board safety and operational aspects

Technological Improvements in Fishing Gear
• Innovations in fishing gear selectivity
• Improvements versus gear impact on the seabed environment
• Fishing gears and methods for improved catch quality
• Fishing gear technology for new species
• Energy efficient active fishing gears

Ocean Forecasting and Climate Effects
• Weather, waves and environment forecasting
• Climate and predictions for fisheries

Catch Handling and Processing Technology
• Quality and food safety
• On board processing technology
• Refrigeration systems for reduced environmental impact
• Improved utilisation of catch

Publisert 28. februar 2006