Scope and Objectives

Fishing technology has over the years developed rapidly resulting in highly efficient fishing vessels. Developments in sensor technology, new materials, machinery capacity and new gear systems, like for instance the triple trawl, have contributed to that. Within most fisheries catching capacity has developed way above what is needed, and this has in turn challenged the management measures aiming at keeping control of the total catching capacity.

Although the technological development has improved the efficiency within most of the world fishing fleet, fundamental problems such as overexploitation, poor fishing gear selectivity, large post harvest losses and poor utilisation of by-products are not solved. In addition, the working conditions onboard fishing vessels are generally poor and fishermen are more exposed to fatalities than workers in other occupations. Harvesting, processing and distribution of seafood products are also energy-intensive activities. Speaking in terms of sustainability, it can be questioned if the development so far has contributed in a positive direction.
It could, therefore, be argued whether the development so far has contributed in a positive direction in terms of sustainability.

Fishing technology and efficiency, conservation of the environment and safety at sea are closely linked to an overall long term goal of securing of clean, rich and productive oceans for wealth creation and sustainable use. This requires an ecosystem approach to fisheries research and management which poses new challenges to basic marine research, observation and harvesting technology, ecosystem assessment, modelling and prediction, and improved management tools and strategies. A new agenda for fisheries development, one that can meet the needs for sustainability, is called for. This agenda must focus on issues such as:

• Conservation of the environment
• Improving working conditions onboard fishing vessels
• Efficient utilisation of input factors (biomass, energy, capital and manpower)
• Food safety and quality
• Maximising value of catches

The intent of the Nor-Fishing Technology Conference 2006 is to create a forum for communication and discussions between the many stakeholders in such a development.


Publisert 1. mars 2006