Conference Formats

The Nor-Fishing Technology Conference 2006 has the following presentation formats:

• Full oral presentation (20 min, including discussion)
• Short oral presentation (5 min, without discussion)
• Poster presentation
• E-poster presentation

Novel Feature: E-Posters

NFTC 2006 introduces a new medium for posters: the Electronic Poster
Instead of a traditional two-dimensional poster, the organisers invite you to submit a PowerPoint presentation. These posters shall consist of no more than 5 pages and have a running time of maximum 90 seconds. Sound effects are not allowed. Presenting posters in this way will enable NFTC 2006 to include them in the conference proceedings.

Abstract for these posters shall be submitted and reviewed in the usual way, but authors are also required to submit their final e-poster for review by the Scientific Committee. This submission shall be either as a ppt-file, or if its file-size demands it, as a pdf-file no later than Tuesday 1 August 2006. Electronic submission via NFTC homepage only.

To ensure the smooth running of the poster sessions, we require the completed e-poster presentation to be handed in as a ppt-file to the Speaker & Poster Preparation Room no later than Monday 7 August at 10am.

Detailed guidelines, formatting instructions etc will be posted on this web-site. Should you have any questions regarding the formatting or submission of e-posters, please contact the conference organiser.

Publisert 1. mars 2006