University of Maribor

The University of Maribor was established in 1975, and has today around 23.000 students and some of 1.800 academic staff who are employed in 17 faculties. The Institute of Engineering Materials and Design at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, involved in the project, employs 60 people and performs teaching activities, basic, applied and other R&D researches in the field of fiber and polymers chemistry, polymers processing and characterization. While the Institute conducts some research in traditional fiber polymeric science, its main research activities are focused on a wide variety of newly developing sciences and technologies, among them the study of correlations between the fibre structural parameters, fibre modifications to increase their reactivity and functionality, interactions between fibres and new reagents/compounds, fibre surface and interface properties as well as advanced ecological treatment processes and procedures. Development of advanced intelligent materials (stimuli-sensitive, thermoregulative, bioactive, etc.) by new technologies, such as biotechnology and nanotechnology are one of the basic research targets. As a main part of the activity in NanoBarrier, UM will applies its experiences on biopolymers formulation and processing as well as their integration with nanostructures.

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vanja Kokol

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Published May 29, 2012