Project Structure

NanoBarrier will be a four-year project. The objectives of the project will be achieved by implementing the work organised in five technical work packages (WP), as shown in the figure. Each WP and its tasks are designed to (partly) fulfil one- or several of the scientific objectives in the project. 

The work will be divided into three principal design and structural levels; component design at nano level, materials integration and design at “compound level” and product design at macro level. Three of the work packages (WP2-WP4) are directly linked to one of the three design levels, while it is essential that WP5-WP7 are integrated through all levels.

NanoBarrier will implement ecodesign criteria at three different design levels; i) Component design level (nanotechnology platform based on renewable resources), ii) materials integration and design level and iii) product design level (development of demonstrators).









NanoBarrier work packages

  • Work package 1: Coordination and project management,
  • Work package 2: Development of biodegradable nanotechnology platform
  • Work package 3: Integration of nanotechnology platform in biomaterial formulations
  • Work package 4: Demonstration of sustainable and multifunctional barrier-enhanced packaging
  • Work package 5: Demonstrator safety analysis
  • Work package 6: Sustainable product design
  • Work package 7, Exploitation and dissemination

Published March 9, 2012