The overall S&T objective of NanoBarrier is to realize innovative and safe multifunctional packaging solutions by developing a sustainable nanotechnology-based platform and integrate it into biomaterials in a safe and responsible manner.

To reach this overall S&T objective, objectives have been identified at all three design levels defined above;

  1. Nanotechnology-based component design
  2. Materials integration and design and
  3. Sustainable product design.

The first set of S&T objectives of NanoBarrier is related to development of nanostructures based on renewable sources that can bring desired enhanced barrier properties and multifunctionality into novel biopolymer formulations. This nanotechnology-based technology platform ensures multifunctionality of the package performance by combining barrier against humidity and oxygen with multisensory effect for the internal and external changes of the package environment

The second set of S&T objectives of NanoBarrier is related to integration of the nanostructures in biomaterial formulation in a safe and responsible manner, using predominately coating approaches. Special focus is on compatibility with health & safety regulations and environmental recommendations for developed and proposed nanostructures in a perspective beyond product life time.

The third set of S&T objectives of NanoBarrier is related to sustainable demonstrator design. Since more than 70% of the final environmental impacts of the new products are determined already at the design step, these aspects should be taken into account at all steps in the packaging value chain.

Published March 9, 2012