Prado Karton – Companhia de Cartão, S.A.

Prado Karton manufactures and markets coated and uncoated cartonboard in Europe.
Manufactured at Prado Karton Mill, a small mill located close to the city of Tomar, Prado’s packaging boards represent a wide variety of solutions and options, which covers three different and mainly grades: Folding, Triplex and Duplex Boards. To satisfy our customer’s requests and also the increasing demands of the existing markets, we have been developing additional kinds of packaging boards, for the specific applications and with the oil and grease repellent for food contact and other barrier treatments. Since virgin fibres are used in the manufacturing of some grades of our products, they can safely come in direct contact with foodstuffs. This was internationally certified by ISEGA , a prestigious German institute. All the boards are made from virgin fibres and/or waste paper (depending on the grade), achieving in this way, a minimal wastage and the use of recyclable and non-polluting materials. The Company, in its constant concern for the environment and corporate social responsibility, has achieved the important Quality Management system and Environmental System (ISO 9001 and ISO 14000) certification which means a high commitment for the quality of its products and protection of the environment. Prado Karton mill’s has an annual output of saleable 36000 tons and longstanding experience in this line and its state-of-art technology together with the raw materials employed enable the Company to deliver top quality products, competing with the most prestigious suppliers.

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Antunes Rosa


Published May 29, 2012