Release Notes for VE2012a
Introduction to the VE2012a module of MRST.

New feature of the VE2012a module include:

  • A C-accelerated transport solver (VEmex). The single-thread version of the solver has been tested on a large number of synthetic and real-life data sets. The solver also has a multithreaded version, but this should be considered as experimental. The solver is available through a mex interface that has, so far, only been tested on 64-bit Linux platforms.
  • A new example: simulation of the top layer of the Sleipner injection using data that are publicly available from
  • Coats scheme for determining time steps in the default transport solver (explicitTransportVE).
  • Reorganized examples - all examples have been reorganized so that the creation of the 3D and VE models and all the (messy) details of the plotting are separated from the main workflow.

In addition, the software has stabilised and solified further since the previous release of the VE module (VE2011a, 11th of April, 2011). 


This release would not have been possible without the work of the following developers

  • Ingeborg S. Ligaarden
  • Halvor Møll Nilsen
  • Martin Ertsås (the first version of the VEmex solver)
  • Bård Skaflestad
  • Jostein R. Natvig

Knut-Andreas Lie acted as primary release manager for VE2012a.

If you encounter a software issue using the official releases of the VE module, then please do not hesitate to contact the authors, for instance by sending an e-mail to

Published January 2, 2012