Release Notes for MRST 2023b

Highlights of MRST 2023b

The new release comes with some improvements in functionality and minor bug fixes. In particular we would like to highlight the following: 

  • Our GitHub has migrated to This is the address of our official github mirror that offers an easy way to clone all repositories that go into the release. For users who are not comfortable with git and the occasional broken feature, we still recommend downloading the releases from the website. 
  • We now support compositional injection through keywords WINJGAS and WELLSTR. 
  • We now have support for multiple PVT regions in compositional models. 

Changes to existing modules


  • Several improvements, including reading OMEGAA and OMEGAB from deck and support for multiple PVT regions 


  • Added functionality for writing test case to file for simulation in JutulDarcy 


  • Input support for compositional injection through keywords WINJGAS and WELLSTR. 
  • Minor corrections to readers for the EHYSTR and ROCK keywords. 
  • Well construction now incorporates/honours ‘skin’ value from COMPDAT. 

Published March 22, 2023