Release Notes for MRST 2010a
This is the release highlights for the previous, unmaintained 2010a release of MRST. MRST 2010a was released on the 12th of March 2010. You are encouraged to upgrade to a more recent edition of MRST if you need support or new features.

This release stabilizes the source code and makes the foundation for new discretizations, solvers, and example simulators. Significant changes in the MRST 2010a release:

  • unified state objects (solution objects for reservoir and wells have been merged)
  • new way of representing fluids
  • extensive changes to the grid data structure, which is fundamental in MRST
  • utility routines for creating triangular, voronoi, and extruded grids
  • support for interior boundaries for general grids
  • improved visualization tools (iso-contours, export to vector graphics now working)

Published February 22, 2011