User Club / Application Workshops

Originally a User Club consisting of SMEs was assigned to advise microBUILDER and to make sure that all offered services met the demands of industry. Members of the SME User Club had the opportunity to provide wishes for relevant technologies and applications and to influence the offered services. The User Club members were provided with first-hand access to microBUILDER information.

The first meeting in the User Club was held at the 29th of November in Frankfurt, Germany. On the agenda were a short introduction of the User Club members and a presentation of the microBUILDER services. The User Club members were also asked to fill in a questionnaire.

The User Club was later re-organized to Application Workshops. Five microBUILDER Application Workshops has been arranged:

Design, Prototyping and Fabrication services for Lab-on-a-Chip devices Medica, Düsseldorf November 16, 2007
microBUILDER: The easy and low-cost road to advanced microsystems SINTEF, Oslo April 4, 2008
Microtechnology based Medical Devices. Development and production services supplied by the microBUILDER consortium NBC 14, Riga June 19, 2008
microBUILDER Application Workshop Biotech Forum, Copenhagen September 24, 2008
Microsystems for Drug Delivery Devices Medica, Düsseldorf November 21, 2008

Published August 1, 2006