Design support & Engineering services

For the realization of new and innovative products, microBUILDER provides custom-tailored services supporting the development process from the first idea to series production.


  • Feasibility and concept studies
  • Proof of principle investigations
  • Design, modelling and simulation
  • Prototyping
  • Test and characterization

All services are based on a portfolio of different validated methods, processes and technologies. The combination of these mixed technologies is described in a master design handbook containing specifications of the available technologies and processes, detailed design rules, and examples of validated designs. The design handbook enables experienced users to design their own device. Clients can make use of the microBUILDER prototyping and manufacturing services which are based on both silicon and plastics technology. Design handbook and design assistance may be requested through the request form.


microBUILDER-specific mixed technologies are implemented into software-based MEMS Process Design Kits (PDKs) or Process Access Kits compatible with Coventor's CAD platform CoventorWare. Kits for the MultiMEMS, the Tronics SOI HARM, and the SINTEF MoveMEMS PZT processes are available. These kits give access to

  • Library of microBuilder specific process emulation files
  • Specific material property databases
  • Library of parametric elements for system-level and component design
  • Layout template file incl. DRC

The Access Kits enable users to design products based on microBUILDER's stable and characterized manufacturing processes. Consequently, microBUILDER offers state-of-the-art Design-for-Manufacturability concepts. Design courses may be requested through the request form.

Published August 1, 2006

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Design handbook available from microBUILDER