META - Mer Effektiv Transport med ARKTRANS

The META project started in 2010 and ended in September 2013. The work in the project has focused on

  • How the Norwegian Public Road Administration (NPRA) can provide better services to the transport industry, in this case by means of more efficient heavy vehicle controls that also benefit reliable transport companies.
  • Standardised information flows in supply chains, and how such standards can support the future needs in transport logistics.

The project was funded by the Research Council of Norway and by the participants. The participants were ITS Norway, the TakeCargo transport portal, the logistic department of the consumer's cooperative society Coop, Short Sea Promotion Centre, the Norwegian Public Road Administration, the software company Timpex, the forwarder Tollpost Globe and the research institute SINTEF. ITS Norway was the project owner and the project was managed by SINTEF.


Trond Hovland
ITS Norge

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Marit Natvig

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